Friday, May 6, 2011

May updates!

Some of Lee's ambient tracks have been added to the playlist for the You Are Listening To... website - this is a neat site that plays random tracks via soundcloud and juxtaposes them with streaming audio from police radio scanners. You can choose difference cities like Chicago, LA, Montreal and our thanks to Eric, who runs the site for adding us.

Graffiti Mechanism returns to the label with a brand new release - Fueled By Emotion - consisting of spacy, electronic ambient sounds - this time with more dark textures.

Happy Puppy is very proud to release the first volume in the series King For A Day: a fan tribute to XTC! Originally these cover tunes were released on cassette in the mid-90s, and the first volume concentrates on the first tape from 1996. Also, you don't have to wait and purchase all 134 covers at once on a CD-R for really cheap!

More very very soon!