Saturday, September 13, 2008

September News

Happy fall everyone!

We start off the new season with a brand new EP from Graffiti Mechanism entitled Harvest Moon. It's perfect blend of organic textures and electronic warmth - perfect music to go for a walk in the pumpkin patch with, and as always it's available for free download!

Lee is once again slated to appear on a tribute to Frank Zappa in the new year, only this time under his real name. 21 Burnt Weenie Sandwiches challenges various artists from around the world to use all or partial themes of Zappa's Burnt Weeny Sandwich album into a single song. Lee's track "Burning Of The Sand Witch" got the thumbs up and we can't wait to hear the rest of the album when it gets released by Cordelia Records next year.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

August news

We're proud to release the debut EP on our label by Scrap Heap. Scrap already has quite a large catalog of music; this EP answers just what can you do with some imaginating, a limited palate of sounds and turn it it all into a dynamic noise release. Available for free download and also in the public domain, so remix away!

August 1st officially launched the debut of the world's first netlabel for kids, Kazoomzoom! Run by Katya of Oddio Overplay, the site features all sorts of neat things for kids to download, play it and contribute. Lee and his pal Sheep contributed a song for the site's first release, Silly Songs - totally free and totally fun. Visit the site today!

c4 and Lee have also teamed up for proc-records first physical release: a two-track cassette single called Gelwaz. The tracks are available for free download, but you can also get a copy from proc-records if you wish - limited edition of 25 copies.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

c4 - nothing [hpr027]

c4 returns with another EP of spacey electronic loops and grooves. Very much in the style of Jean Michel-Jarre and spacey-masters The Orb, these four tracks show Adam's melodic side, but still retain the hypnotic quality from his other work. By using no percussion or drums, the music has a floating quality, with movement propelled by the rhythm of the melodies.

Quite easily a favorite of mine out of all of Adam's work - download it now, you will enjoy it too. And don't forget to visit proc-records.

Lee Rosevere - Sounds Of The Earth/AKR [hprs001]

Happy Puppy is proud to announce the debut of their new 'single series' and the first release is a timely one by Lee Rosevere, featuring a remix of the sounds of earth.

Today on July 3, scientists posted a recording of how the earth sounds from space, and Lee remixed the original file into 2 new ambient works in 30 minutes. You can listen to the original file here.

Go get it!

Lee Rosevere - Reason/Four Reasons [hpr026/ocean13]

In collaboration with the Oceanbase netlabel, Lee has released two versions of new ambient material.

Over at Oceanbase, you can download Four Reasons, a collection of 4 long tracks for completely free licensed to the public domain.

Here at Happy Puppy, we are offering an limited exclusive "artist edition" of the album, entitled Reason which contains over 4 hours of music, including extended full length versions of the material on a 4-CD box set...over 3 hours of unheard music!

The 4-CD version of Reason is not for free download - it's being released as a fund raiser for, which hosts all of our music for absolutely no charge, so we'd thought it'd be nice to give something back to them.

The box set costs $25, of which $18 will be donated to and we will send you in the mail a copy of Reason, 4 CDs housed in a double-DVD style case. There are a total of ten sets available, so order yours now! Sorry, we are only able to accept Paypal.

As of July 6/08, we have six box sets left! And if you need more encouraging, Scott from Oceanbase has posted his review of the 4-CD box with screen caps, and he likes it!

To download the free version of Four Reasons from Oceanbase, please click here.

To order your copy of the 4-CD set Reason, click here.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

KUSO - Sursu & Tabriz [hpr025]

Happy Puppy is pleased to announce the debut EP from the latest addition to the Puppy label family.

Although the word "Kuso" means internet culture parody in East Asia, these tracks by the enigmatic artist Kuso suggest intent in a more serious musical direction.

This EP is split into 2 distinct parts, the first titled "TABRIZ" which encorporates elements of Japanese-flavoured guitars alongside orchestrations and melodies that resemble the 1970's work of Ennio Morricone.

The second shorter section, "SURSU" is comprised of themes that could easily appear in an action picture from the 70s, although of the slightly more wobbly variety.

The bonus track "Construccion Del Maiz" is an 8-bit outing, very much like the theme from a long-lost video game.

We hope you enjoy this short, but worthwhile listen. Download now!

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Shreds, Volume 1

Happy Puppy Records is unleashing its inner guitar rock god with the EP release of Shreds, Volume 1!

Inspired by the shredding videos posted by St. Sanders, Happy Puppy put out the call for shreds and boy, did we get some! Five artistes plus the infamous St. Sanders himself contribute highly unique and entertaining shreddings.

Everything from shredded kazoos, hoovers, electronica to good ol' electric guitars turned up to 11 are here in all their wanky glory. Nigel Tufnel would be proud.

This release is available for the first time in MP3 and FLAC formats for extra high-quality (explicit lyrics on track 5).

Start the shred!

Saturday, May 3, 2008

c4 - deeply present moment [hpr023]

'deeply present moment' was a very difficult album for me to produce. It relied very heavily upon the utilization of various outside sound sources (i.e. shortwave radio, record player, micro-cassette deck, etc) as opposed to my usual, very software driven production style and were also only recorded in a single attempt (thus, the title "deeply present moment"). These sounds were then ran through my mixer and recorded straight to mp3 at 256 kbps.

Again, Each attempt at a track was done only once. My goal was to record sound in the present moment and create tracks that were only available at that place and time.

completely abandoning rythem (except for inertia and tega), this release focuses more upon cold spacious landscapes, droning melodies and glitchy static to fill in the fleeting gaps of silence." - c4

Available now for free download!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

March update: Lee Rosevere - "Ghost Words" new release

Ghost Words is Lee Rosevere's first solo piano improvisational release, digitally recorded live with no overdubs or edits.

These compositions do not follow traditional song structure. Much like a layered painting, emotion is the guiding force behind invention: melodies hide inside one another, and moods and textures change frequently.

Lee's musical influences include Zappa's instrumental work, Michael Snow, Steve Reich, and John Cage.

File under: classical, experimental. Click here to download!

Sunday, March 2, 2008

March update: c4 - inner visions

c4 is back with another release of electronica that is a little different from past releases.

This time, funky slow drumbeats and grooves are mixed with lush ambient landscapes, with a strong emphasis on spacious and subtle melodies. A very mood-heavy, hypnotic and cool album!

Available for free download now!

Saturday, March 1, 2008

March update: Lee Rosevere - Light Years [tube112]

A new album of Lee's ambient/experimental music called "Light Years" has been released at Test Tube, a prolific netlabel run by Pedro, that has tons of cool and groundbreaking music.

The review Pedro posted at the site explains the album better than we ever could, so go check it out. We're extremely happy puppies to be a part of the site, and encourage you to check out all the interesting stuff there. Thanks Pedro!

Sunday, January 27, 2008

January update: Fudge - Off The Wall

Another EP of crazy covers, from Canada's FUDGE. On this outing, Fudge takes on fellow Canuck Gino Vannelli, Angel Corpus Christi, and Kenni Woods.

Fudge also rocks up Nino Tempo & April Stevens super-long title "I've Been Carrying A Torch For You So Long That I've Burned A Great Big Hole In My Heart", and if that wasn't enough...a Shaggs cover that is incredibly different, but rendered with heart.

Click here to download!

Friday, January 11, 2008

January update: Monopole

Happy new year!

We've got the month off to a great start, with a debut release from a brand new member of the Happy Puppy family, Monopole (aka Richard Sudney). Monopole's music mixes analog and electronic instruments, with manipulated field recordings for some wonderful textures of sound. As always, it's available for free download!