Tuesday, June 15, 2010

New stuff!

Hullo June... here's the latest release:

It's Comsopolitan Time! with the Cosmopolitans.

The Cosmopolitans were legendary on the Winnipeg public access scene for over 20 years. The musical duo of Marion Clemens and Louise Wynberg had the longest running show on VPW Channel 11 in Winnipeg, where once a week they would play their favourite songs (mostly from Louise's memory) sometimes in the studio and sometimes on location with Marion on drums and Louise on keyboards and vocals.

This album is comprised of two audio cassettes I made of the show, circa 1995 - the first recorded at VPW Studios in Winnipeg and the second at the Kin Place Personal Care Home in Oakbank, MB where Marion now resides.

Unfortunately, VPW's scheduling wasn't always consistant - being the nature of public access, sometimes programs would be substituted with no notice. Unfortunately, both times I caught these programs I missed the first few minutes.

However, there is so little documentation of The Cosmopolitans work, any tapes are rare. They do appear in the DVD collection of VPW shows "Winnipeg Babysitter", but the DVD is now out of print (if you email Video Pool Winnipeg and bug them, they might make more!)

Louise sadly passed away in 2002, but Marion is 83 and has started documenting her life as an immigrant to Canada in her books and she graciously gave me permission to share the Cosompolitans music with you all and I dedicate it to the memory of Louise.


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