Tuesday, July 15, 2008

c4 - nothing [hpr027]

c4 returns with another EP of spacey electronic loops and grooves. Very much in the style of Jean Michel-Jarre and spacey-masters The Orb, these four tracks show Adam's melodic side, but still retain the hypnotic quality from his other work. By using no percussion or drums, the music has a floating quality, with movement propelled by the rhythm of the melodies.

Quite easily a favorite of mine out of all of Adam's work - download it now, you will enjoy it too. And don't forget to visit proc-records.

Lee Rosevere - Sounds Of The Earth/AKR [hprs001]

Happy Puppy is proud to announce the debut of their new 'single series' and the first release is a timely one by Lee Rosevere, featuring a remix of the sounds of earth.

Today on July 3, scientists posted a recording of how the earth sounds from space, and Lee remixed the original file into 2 new ambient works in 30 minutes. You can listen to the original file here.

Go get it!

Lee Rosevere - Reason/Four Reasons [hpr026/ocean13]

In collaboration with the Oceanbase netlabel, Lee has released two versions of new ambient material.

Over at Oceanbase, you can download Four Reasons, a collection of 4 long tracks for completely free licensed to the public domain.

Here at Happy Puppy, we are offering an limited exclusive "artist edition" of the album, entitled Reason which contains over 4 hours of music, including extended full length versions of the material on a 4-CD box set...over 3 hours of unheard music!

The 4-CD version of Reason is not for free download - it's being released as a fund raiser for archive.org, which hosts all of our music for absolutely no charge, so we'd thought it'd be nice to give something back to them.

The box set costs $25, of which $18 will be donated to archive.org and we will send you in the mail a copy of Reason, 4 CDs housed in a double-DVD style case. There are a total of ten sets available, so order yours now! Sorry, we are only able to accept Paypal.

As of July 6/08, we have six box sets left! And if you need more encouraging, Scott from Oceanbase has posted his review of the 4-CD box with screen caps, and he likes it!

To download the free version of Four Reasons from Oceanbase, please click here.

To order your copy of the 4-CD set Reason, click here.