Thursday, January 31, 2013

New EP: DJ Fudge - The Jem Remixes 1998-2000

Back in 1998, the Jem Starlight Jukebox was a one-of-a-kind place on the internet. Sure, there were lots of fan pages and message boards (the biggest one is still going!) but for a time, the JSS was the only website that housed every single song from every single episode of the animated series.

This was not easy in 1998, as Geocities had limited storage space and kept changing the rules about how much you could put on a single account, and how much people could download from you.

Run by the mysterious character Fudge (yes, our very own Fudge.. Mr. Lee Rosevere) the site featured not only every song in streaming Real Audio format (the preferred choice of the day), but also instrumental versions, and specially fan-created medleys. It also was the home of the internet's earliest original remixes of Jem songs done by DJ Fudge.

These remixes were given away for free download in mp3 format for a number of years, until Fudge discovered that some unscrupulous "fans" were selling these remixes, along with every song from the show (some possibly taken from his freely-available Jukebox) on CD sets on Ebay (there are still a few out there too - but don't buy them, eh?).

As a result, all the remixes were removed from the site, never to return. Until now.

Happy Puppy has gone into the vault and remastered all the Starlight Jukebox remixes, originally created and released during 1998-2000.

With advances in Creative Commons licensing and the Internet Archive, DJ Fudge believes the time is right to make these available again.

Sadly, the main Starlight Jukebox will remain offline, since it's impossible to find a reliable home for the files - and with the re-release of the entire series on DVD last year, the copyright cops would likely have the files taken down quickly. Oh, for the golden age of the internet.

Meanwhile, the remixes live again and we hope you enjoy them, share them, do your own remixes... and to those greedy Ebay bastards, respect the Creative Commons Non-Commercial license attributed to them.

Truly Outrageous!

Friday, January 11, 2013

new EP release: Lee Rosevere - Xeno

Happy new year! We start off the year with a brand new release... extended-play release featuring all new compositions by LR written over the past year. Styles range from outer-planetary space sounds, to dance music of the traditional rhythmic and interpretive variety.

The EP is available digitally in FLAC and mp3 from Bandcamp in a deluxe edition, which comes with front and back artwork, and an exclusive bonus 30-page PDF photo book.

The regular version will be released on iTunes on February 12, 2013 (only the front artwork, no back or photo book).

A review copy is available on request.

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