Sunday, August 3, 2008

August news

We're proud to release the debut EP on our label by Scrap Heap. Scrap already has quite a large catalog of music; this EP answers just what can you do with some imaginating, a limited palate of sounds and turn it it all into a dynamic noise release. Available for free download and also in the public domain, so remix away!

August 1st officially launched the debut of the world's first netlabel for kids, Kazoomzoom! Run by Katya of Oddio Overplay, the site features all sorts of neat things for kids to download, play it and contribute. Lee and his pal Sheep contributed a song for the site's first release, Silly Songs - totally free and totally fun. Visit the site today!

c4 and Lee have also teamed up for proc-records first physical release: a two-track cassette single called Gelwaz. The tracks are available for free download, but you can also get a copy from proc-records if you wish - limited edition of 25 copies.