Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Drones to Make Dinner By is here!

A year ago, I put out the call for drones - not just any drones, but drones that would be good to make dinner by. The inspiration came from those thematic 50's and 60's "mood music" albums.. music to water the garden by, music to relax by, etc.

And I received quite a range of interpretations of what exactly drones would be good while preparing dinner.

After all the tracks were submitted and I began putting everything together, I really wanted to have no interruptions between the tracks.

And so I created a medley mix, where all the tracks segue into each other (with no gaps that mp3s can sometimes include) and bridged together everything with a few "kitchen sink" clips from public domain ephemeral films from the Prelinger Archives.

However, all of these tracks are new and unavailable elsewhere and I didn't want them to be strictly available as a part of a mix for obvious reasons (opportunity for playlists, remixing, etc), so they are also posted individually.

Many thanks to all the composers who took time to send in something, and I hope you enjoy their efforts as much as I do. Please visit their sites, download their music, or buy something to show your support.

Featuring Origami Mekka, Cagey House, Kai Nobuko, Mystified, echosonic and more.

Get cracking!