Thursday, May 30, 2013

Things are happening here..

Well blow my lips off! Lee's most recent EP Xeno has got a great review from Vancouver's Georgia Straight! We're mighty pleased with this, even if the review colourfully implies you have to completely blitzed on spacebongs to full enjoy it. And not once does it get compared to Brian Eno.

Lee recently did a one-hour interview with Kent Davies at CKUW for the Amateur Hour program. Lee has been filling-in for Kent on a few occasions, and Kent wanted to have him on to talk what Happy Puppy is all about and spin some tracks (including a few really deep catalog cuts). Thanks Kent! Listen to the whole thing below:

Saturday, May 25, 2013

May updates!

A recent Disquiet Junto assignment called for a score for the trailer of Sense the Wind, a documentary on blind sailors, and Lee's submission was chosen! Thanks to director Christine Knowlton and Marc at Disquiet for the opportunity.

Happy May! Lee has released the second volume in the Time-Lapse series, this time focusing on slow-motion relaxing and meditative music. Here's a video for "Illuminations" that was set to a beautiful animated gif by Mr Div: