Wednesday, November 28, 2007

November update: RADIESMAN!

Radiesman is one of the true infamous icons of the generation of artists. He appeared on the website back in 2000, with no explanation or reason. His tortured love ballads, crooned with an ache that cannot be understated, were beyond description. And as soon as he appeared, he vanished.

Happy Puppy Records is proud to announce the re-release of Radiesman only-known recordings entitled "Best Friends On The Beach". Up until now, the only official release of his music appeared on "The Poop Alley Tapes" compilation, curated by the Poop Alley Studios owner, Tom Grimley.

Since that compilation has gone out of print, Radiesman music is extremely rare. Tom has graciously given Happy Puppy his consent to the re-releasing of this album, and we hope you enjoy listening to a little bit of internet history, brought to life again.

Available now for free download!

Sunday, November 25, 2007

November update: Lee Rosevere - Emblem

Proc-records, run by c4 (Adam Crammond), has released a new album of ambient works by Lee. All titles were named after colours, in particular the kind of colours that Lee visualized while creating the music. The sequence was chosen by the artwork, which is in the same order of colours, starting with black at the top and going through a spectrum of primary colors, until black appears again at the end.

As Adam reviewed it: "While it is possible to just let this release play in the background, it demands full attention and shouldnt be treated as just another ambient soundtrack! The mellow textures of droning melodies complimenting one another as they dimminish and return seem to create a breathtaking collidescope of sound." Wow! Thanks Adam!

Click here to download the album (zip file with artwork, liners and 192 mp3s)

Saturday, November 24, 2007

November update: NEWS - Calling for Shreds

This is a call for submissions for a compilation album called "Shreds". Basically, it's going to be a collection of pretentious wanky guitar solos noodling, recorded by YOU! I'm looking for material played competently, or really, really awful (even on purpose).

If you're not familiar with shreds, here's a couple of videos that demonstrate the art (yes, these videos are jokes):

Joe Satriani shreds
Eric Clapton shreds
Eddie Van Halen shreds

So, Happy Puppy Records is planning a release of guitar shreds for next year. It will be available for free download (yes, completely free!) via Creative Commons license. And I need your shreds!

Send me a recording of your original shredding. Requirements:

- It can be either a solo or with your band, doesn't matter

- It can be any length (the more I get the more volumes will be released!)

- mp3 file (192 kbps or better)

- email the file to me here if the file is under 10mbs. If over, please use or or and email me the link so I can download it

- a short bio and image (optional)

That's it! Spread the shred - please let anyone who you think might be interested to know about this project. Any questions? Email me!

Thanks and happy shredding!

Thursday, November 22, 2007

November update: c4 - Verbatim

Toledo's c4 returns with another EP of high-quality techno and electronic goodness. Verbatim is chock full of upbeat fun tracks like "lol yeh", the sweet grooviness of "smile for sarah" and the old school dance-house "unt", plus lots more to enjoy. Available now for free download!

Sunday, November 4, 2007

November update: Lee @ New Music Canada

Lee now is listed at the CBC Radio 3 New Music Canada website, where you can find a collection of Lee's groove, ambient and techno music. You can't download anything (except the podcasts), but it's also a great to browse the site and check out a lot of cool Canadian bands!