Saturday, November 24, 2007

November update: NEWS - Calling for Shreds

This is a call for submissions for a compilation album called "Shreds". Basically, it's going to be a collection of pretentious wanky guitar solos noodling, recorded by YOU! I'm looking for material played competently, or really, really awful (even on purpose).

If you're not familiar with shreds, here's a couple of videos that demonstrate the art (yes, these videos are jokes):

Joe Satriani shreds
Eric Clapton shreds
Eddie Van Halen shreds

So, Happy Puppy Records is planning a release of guitar shreds for next year. It will be available for free download (yes, completely free!) via Creative Commons license. And I need your shreds!

Send me a recording of your original shredding. Requirements:

- It can be either a solo or with your band, doesn't matter

- It can be any length (the more I get the more volumes will be released!)

- mp3 file (192 kbps or better)

- email the file to me here if the file is under 10mbs. If over, please use or or and email me the link so I can download it

- a short bio and image (optional)

That's it! Spread the shred - please let anyone who you think might be interested to know about this project. Any questions? Email me!

Thanks and happy shredding!