Sunday, November 25, 2007

November update: Lee Rosevere - Emblem

Proc-records, run by c4 (Adam Crammond), has released a new album of ambient works by Lee. All titles were named after colours, in particular the kind of colours that Lee visualized while creating the music. The sequence was chosen by the artwork, which is in the same order of colours, starting with black at the top and going through a spectrum of primary colors, until black appears again at the end.

As Adam reviewed it: "While it is possible to just let this release play in the background, it demands full attention and shouldnt be treated as just another ambient soundtrack! The mellow textures of droning melodies complimenting one another as they dimminish and return seem to create a breathtaking collidescope of sound." Wow! Thanks Adam!

Click here to download the album (zip file with artwork, liners and 192 mp3s)