Sunday, May 29, 2011

Attention Greg R. Roth of the Mizalites!

Hello friends... Lee R. here, looking to see if there is anyone out there who might know or be able to contact a Mr. Greg R. Roth, who once recorded under the band name The Mizalites from Winnipeg.

I have a cassette of this band that I would like to reissue on Happy Puppy (for free download of course), but I have no contact info for Greg. I found this tape in Winnipeg, at a Sam The Record Man (remember them?) around 1995/96. The date on the tape is 1993, Castle 1 Band Records.. it looks like this:

I've googled and googled, and even contacted the public library in Winnipeg for contact info, but they have nothing.

If you're reading this Greg R. Roth (or you are someone who knows him) please send me an email!

Even if you don't want Happy Puppy to re-release it, please email me anyway as I know there is a CD version of this music and I'd like to upgrade my tape - and I'd love to see the video for "Jet ride" (apparently it was on a DVD with the CD version).

There are 10 tracks:

1. Jet Ride
2. Summer Dreams
3. This little town
4. Take a chance
5. I wonder how
6. Please wait
7. Don't dial
8. Travelling through a bright nebula
9. Spring is here
10. If the Sun's still shining tomorrow

and here's a sample of "Jet Ride":

Thanks! Back to regularly scheduled announcements now.