Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Happy Puppy turns 7!

Hey... we're seven years old!

Happy Puppy went online April 10, 2006... and since then we've been so pleased with the reaction the music we've released has had. Never thought it would really get this far...

Anyway, to celebrate we've cooked up something for the all the lo-bit fans out there: every Happy Puppy album and single in one massive 16-bit box set!

That's right.. 69 albums, 17 singles, 610 tracks, 41 hours, 44 minutes and 5 seconds!

You get the very first release by Lee, all the way up to an advance copy of the most recent album that won't be available until later this month... all in squashy 16-bit audio. The whole shebang comes to about 300 mbs, which is waaay smaller than what the site would normally take to download.

However, we strongly caution that this be for lo-bit fans, or people wanting to sample the site quickly. The sound quality has been extremely compromised...kind like those K-Tel or Rondo records were they packed in a ton a of songs on one side of a record. It sounded like crap, didn't it? Well at least you got to hear lots of music.

So with that in mind, please note this box set is not a replacement for the high-quality files that live on the individual release pages... no way! But it is a little fun way of saying thanks for all the hits, the downloads, the emails, and to all the musicians who have generously shared their music with me and you.

Happy 7th birthday... or 41 in dog years.