Monday, October 15, 2012

New release - Jared C. Balogh - Between Equinox

Happy Puppy is pleased to present another collection of humanly-impossible-to-play compositions by the prolific Jared C. Balogh.

These cerebral but very musical songs fits right in with his Rhythms of Life album, previously also released on Happy Puppy, continuing his synclavier-esque modern classical material.

This new album features some of his earliest works; "Break In The Action" is listed in the song notes as being recorded in early June, while "Quick Steppin' Q" goes back nearly three years, played by an imaginary avant-garde jazz duo.

Over 74 minutes of enjoyable and thought-provoking music, and we hope you enjoy it and graciously thank Jared for sharing his music with us. Available now for free download!

For more on Jared's music, visit him at his website, facebook or twitter.