Saturday, September 15, 2012

new album playlist: Beyond the Goal

Possible hockey lockout gotcha down?

Back in 2008, the Corporation that Broadcasts throughout Canada held a contest for a new hockey anthem to go with their very popular hockey TV show. They lost the original rights to the iconic and well-known theme, and so asked Canada to write a new one.

There were over 15,000 entries.. and most of them are lost to time, which I think is a shame and I would like to see them remembered and preserved.

The Corporation that Broadcasts throughout Canada took down the website a few years ago, but with a little help from the Internet Archive's Wayback Machine, I was able to look up original contest entries that were posted on the site.

However, they didn't store the mp3 and video files that people submitted on their own website. They used off-site storage... and the files are still there!

It's impossible to collect all the songs... each entry was given an ID number, but you don't know who the artist is, or what the song is called, unless you cross-reference it with the Wayback results... and they didn't capture every page, but I managed to create the following "album playlist" from what the Wayback gave me.

I actually collected a 'personal' CD worth of anthems, so I do have more songs than are listed here that I quite liked, but unfortunately I never saved the original ID numbers, so I can't find them now... and I cannot re-upload them without the permission of the songwriters. Most cases, all I have is a name and a city, which isn't very helpful in tracking them down, with the exception of a few.

So instead, I'm linking to the original files - you'll have to rename the file yourself if you want to save it (every file name gets tagged as "31").

It includes some well-known Canadian musicians like Gowan, Moe Berg from TPOH, Carly Paradis (who played piano on the "Moon" soundtrack), Myles Goodwin from April Wine, Steve Eggers from the Canadian pop/rock band The Nines, and many more you've never heard of.

Also included is Logan Aube's "Hockey Scores", which I highly recommend you read the story behind.

Get them before they go!