Tuesday, June 26, 2012

New release: Maximilian Torsten - Namoon

Happy Puppy is proud to announce the re-release of a very rare LP from 1972 by unknown German electronic artist Maximilian Torsten.

Originally a privately-pressed vinyl record, Namoon is an ambient and minimalist sonic treat composed of two long songs, split up into movements. Recorded in his basement studio with home-made equipment, Max created the music during late-night sessions from 1970-72 inspired by his heroes Jon Appleton, Tangerine Dream, Silver Apples, early Kraftwerk and White Noise.

Less than 100 copies were made of Namoon, given to friends and family. Due to his extremely introverted nature, he never sent any copies to radio stations, magazine or record stores.

Fast-forward to 2010.... after meeting online in a forum dedicated to early 70s electronic music, Happy Puppy's owner Lee Rosevere shared original music back and forth with Max, introduced him to the world of netlabels. In turn, Max introduced Lee to Max's library of original unreleased albums - all recorded as a hobby - just gathering dust on his shelf.

Luckily, Max still had the original master tapes for Namoon, and thanks to him, we are able to make the remastered album available for free download on its 40th anniversary. It is our hope to bring you more of his music in the future.