Saturday, December 31, 2011

End of the year...

One last update before the ending of the year, special thanks to David at who listed two of our releases on his list of 100 notable netlabel releases of 2011 for Lee's Symphony for Monotron (I, II, III), and our Classicality of /'Zəeppə compilation. Thanks David!

We have some new music to come in 2012 already (wait for everything to slow down again), but right now here are a couple of very cool videos that use some of Lee's music from the Vimeo music store... and oddly enough, all three of them feature time-lapse photograph and all three feature music from The Ambient Baby! Perhaps we should start a new genre of music... slo-mo?

Thanks for downloading any of our releases this past year and here's to 2012...hopefully without solar flares.