Saturday, May 1, 2010


Hullo... so yes, it is Mayday and I thought I would pop in and update the blog with the latest of happenings... in the event that someone stumbles here and wonders what's-a-doing.

So. New stuff:

- Lee's new album Fluxwax (available for sale at cdbaby and itunes) - when you buy it, you get sent high quality artwork and a previously unreleased exclusive bonus track!

- more nice subtle ambient music on the new EP from Graffiti Mechanism called Let's Go Everywhere for free download...

And the track that Lee gave for the new Zappa tribute 21 Burny Weenie Sandwiches is mere moments from being unleashed to the public. The label put together a promo video for the release and you can watch it over at the tube of you.

There's another album in the possible pipe for the mighty Test Tube netlabel to release, but more on that later.