Saturday, April 18, 2009

April release - An introduction to Logan Whitehurst and the Jr. Science Club

I first became a fan of Logan's music back in 2000, during the 'golden age' of I contacted him and we exchanged a few brief emails and I bought a bunch of CDs from him. His "Goodbye My 4-track" album was a Top 10 albums of 2003 for me.

Fast forward to 2004, and Logan is diagnosed with a brain tumor. He fought it with all the strength he had, but sadly the tumor didn't go away and Logan passed away as a result of it in December 2006 at the unfair young age of 29.

Logan's music was fun, thought-provoking, catchy and he had a fantastic gift for melody. With the permission of his family, Happy Puppy Records is proud to release "An Introduction to..", a personal mix of some of our favorite tracks from his downloadable catalog.

If you like what you hear, I would strongly recommend buying any of his albums from his official store, or download all of the albums he made available on plus lots more here at the Jr. Science Club Archive.

Meanwhile, please enjoy this sampler and please share it with someone else. We miss you, Logan.

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Artwork: Front | Inside | Back

Individual Tracks: (192 kbps)

1. Jr. Science Club Theme
2. Buckaroo Bonzai Is Not Just A Movie
3. Lizard And Fish
4. Happy Noodle vs Sad Noodle
5. Please And Thank You (alternate version)
6. I Want To Rock
7. (She's) Ten Feet Tall
8. Farkle, New And Improved!
9. Square Peg Round Hole
10. Theme From Mega Penguin
11. ohmygodimonfire
12. Prosthetic Brain
13. It Never Rains On Alex
14. Your Brain Fell Out (alternate mix)
15. Life is Peaches And Cream

released April 18, 2009